LLN will accelerate innovative approaches to ensure all kids succeed in Denver.

Through an Innovation Zone, the LLN brings together a diverse group of schools that are committed to providing unique and exciting learning environments for students while empowering teachers and leaders to design and run excellent schools.




LLN envisions a new model of organizing schools for improvement, excellence and equity. By leveraging autonomies and the power of a self-designed collaboration within the context of strong accountability for results, the LLN will not only accelerate its own performance, but also become a national proof point for school autonomy, innovation and excellence.

Core Principles



LLN formalizes a culture of relentless continuous improvement and innovation to ensure schools develop strategies so that every child succeeds.


LLN offers intentionally designed and aligned lean services to personalize school support and meet individual school and student needs.



LLN models distributed leadership by magnifying the voice of school leaders through their role on the governing body and by actively seeking teacher voice in school and network decisions.


LLN values collaboration within each of its schools, across schools and between the LLN and DPS.