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The Luminary Learning Network will help good schools become great schools that meet diverse student needs and improve their achievement. 

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We want to serve as a model for what highly autonomous schools and organizations can look like.”

Zach Rahn, LLN Executive Director & Ashley Principal

Forming LLN put us as school leaders and teachers in the driver’s seat of what we believe to be best for our students.” 

Frank Coyne, Principal, Denver Green School

I can’t wait to see LLN come to fruition and to see what we learn together.”

Anne Rowe, DPS Board President

I fundamentally believe that the people who are closest to the students should have the opportunity to make more decisions about their students.” 

Mike Johnson, DPS Board Member

What makes this effort so transformative and extraordinary is the zone being initiated by the schools, and not by the state or school district.”

Mary Seawell, Senior Vice-President for Education, Gates Family Foundation, LLN Board Member