In partnership with our diverse urban community, Denver Green School will provide a hands-on, brains-on experience that includes all students, staff, families and community, preparing all learners to lead the way toward a sustainable, bright green future.


As a national beacon for real-world learning, the Denver Green School strives to integrate a flexible student-driven approach to curriculum and instruction, where diverse learners of all ages: 

● Achieve at a high level academically; 
● Partner with their teachers to engage in relevant, student-directed learning; 
● Build leadership capacity by embracing a democratic decision-making model; 
● Use service-learning as a way to become community stewards; 
● Create mind-body connections as well as community connections; and
● Use our school building and our neighborhood as laboratories for the study and implementation of carbon footprint reduction and sustainable living.


School Leadership Team

Instead of DGS being led by a Principal and team of Assistant Principals, DGS is guided by a shared leadership model known as the Partnership. The Partnership is collectively responsible for the leadership of DGS and collaboratively handles the responsibilities of a traditional administrative team. It consists of Lead Partners, who all have administrative licenses, and Teacher Partners. The Lead Partners (listed below) are released from classroom teaching responsibilities; Teacher Partners remain in the classroom full time and additionally sit on the partnership.


Frank Coyne

Lead Partner

Prudence Daniels

Lead Partner

Kartal Jaquette

Lead Partner